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Real Estate Post Production

Real Estate Photo Editing

Real estate photo editing edits properties of your homes using a photo editing software. Sell your properties online using our real estate photo editing to increase revenue.

Real estate business owners have different strategies to have people lining up, wanting to buy properties – new advertising campaigns, catchy slogans, and other witty schemes. The most common strategy they use is real estate photo editing. It is a type of program used by businessmen to polish the image of the property they are selling by doing various photo editing to attract tons of buyers.

We offer photo editing services, especially to real estate businessmen that aim to help their promotion in such a field of business. Our team possesses excellent skills in editing, enough to produce pleasing and eye-catching real estate photos to get people’s attention.

Real Estate Photo Editing

Our team offers you various services, which are going to be discussed below, that will surely give you an attention-snatching real estate photo.

If you are a real estate businessman and you might want to flash a beautiful real estate photo posted on your website or printed on a billboard, you will want to check out our services. Our team has all the abilities, applications, and equipment enough to make you a very eye-catching real estate photo that will surely make buyers contact you as soon as they see the picture. Here are the best services our team can offer:

  • Color Adjustments
  • Sky and Background Replacement
  • Angle Correction
  • Photo Manipulation
Real Estate Object Removal BeforeReal Estate Object Removal After
Real Estate White Balance Before

Color Adjustments

This service offers to help you in creating a more colorized real estate photo. Our team can guarantee you one thing: you will never regret availing services we offer, especially this one.

As technology evolved, different photo-editing applications have been developed as well. Along with those applications came tons of filters people are getting attached to. In simpler words, that is the simplest way on how we can explain how this type of photo editing works, but our color adjustment services are way more than those Instagram filters. We add tons of digital pigments in the photo. Our team carefully adjusts various elements of color, such as brightness, vibrance, saturation, exposure, contrast, highlights, and shadows to make the raw picture a very elegant one. We do not have specific measurements; we process each photo differently. Inclusive of this offer are as follows:

  • Digital Pigment Addition
  • Color Adjustment to improve the RGB or CMYK
  • Selection of Shade Palette

Sky and Background Replacement

This kind of photo editing service will give you more life in your real estate photo. Without a doubt, we will provide you with the best sky and background replacement you can have.

Not all houses can have an artistic background behind them. No matter how great of a photographer you are, if there is something wrong in the background, the photo will not turn out great. Also, the right timing as to when you will take a picture of a house from the outside is something you should think about – what if it is not a sunny day? Those are the moments when editing enters the scene. Do not worry about taking a picture of the house from your chosen perspective because we offer a service that swiftly changes an unpleasant background into a very nice-looking one. We use editing software that can clip the house out of the photo. Our team takes an aesthetic background and a breathtaking image of the sky to project a warm, comfortable feeling that will captivate buyers. We edit the house, sky, and background all together while making sure to blend and edit everything nicely so that we will produce a natural-looking real estate photo. Along with this service are the following:

  • High Dynamic Range or HDR Creation of Real Estate
  • Selection of Background
  • Removal of Color Cast
  • 3D Floor Plan Creation of your Scratch Paper Drawing
Real Estate Sky Replacement Service BeforeReal Estate Sky Replacement Service After

Angle Correction

Choosing the perspective as to where you are going to be taking the picture from is a factor that hugely affects the final photo. We are ready to offer you our angle correction service that will produce an eye-catching real estate photo.

First of all, we will need you to send pictures of the house or property you are selling. We are going to take a look at it, choose the best shot you have sent, and then edit the perspective. Using editing software installed on our computers, our team will adjust the vanishing point of the photo to manipulate the perspective. All we need to do is to choose the best angle that shows most of the house’s promising elements. Inclusive of our angle correction service are the following:

  • Perspective Alteration
  • Color Enhancement
  • Photo Retouching Service
  • Selection of the House or Property’s Best Shot

Photo Manipulation

There are just some things that can quickly ruin a photo no matter how hard a photographer tried to take a nice-looking image. That is why we offer photo editing services that will meet, hopefully, surpass your standards.

Today, almost everyone in this world can already take a photo, so anyone can successfully take a picture of a house and even do some photography hacks. The process of editing enters the scene when photographers experience problems such as a distracting parked car in front of the house, people passing by who do not even know they are getting captured along with the house, and other photobombers. The turning point is that everyone can take a photo, but not everyone has the access and ability to edit. That is why we are here to offer you all our photo manipulation process. Our team uses various editing software to erase the problems ruining the image. We use tools such as Adobe Photoshop’s spot healing brush tool to clone a clean part of an image and apply it over the unnecessary things evident in the picture to cover them. We guarantee you a natural-looking edit that will produce a real estate photo that will surely snatch buyers’ attention. Inclusive of this service are:

  • Color Correction (RGB or CMYK)
  • Addition of Digital Pigmentation
  • Clipping Path Services
  • Photo Retouching Services
Car Retouching BeforeCar Retouching After


Services we Provide

We offer many great services to help you with your business. Have a look at some of our services below.


Quality is our primary goal to our clients, by providing the highest quality editing and retouching.

Sample Heading

Choose your own preferred delivery time, fully custom made delivery time to your needs.

Sample Heading

Our 100% up time customer service allows clients to monitor or raise any concerns in regards to their images.


These are the price for Clipping Path Service. All are subject for trial editing for exact cost.

  • Shoes
  • Clothing
  • Objects
  • 1-5 minutes editing
  • Models
  • Mannequin
  • Jewelry
  • 5-20 minutes editing
  • Jewelry Necklaces
  • Many holes in the image
  • Large Format Image
  • 20-60 minutes editing


The process of Sending and Receiving your Photos. Made Simple and Easy.


Send a Raw Image for a free trial editing. Go to our Upload Page to send your image. You can send different types of format.


Wait for 24 Hours while we process your images and make sure to fill up the form so that we will know your requirements.


Download your finished images and send us your comments to allow us to refine your images even more.


Sign a contract to formalize our partnership and you may send your first batch of images for editing.

What are you waiting for? Send us your Images for a FREE Trial Editing.

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